Youdrugmart – Compounding Pharmacy of Manitoba 

Your health is the most important thing, so why trust it to just anyone? YouDrugmart is the personal, professional pharmacy located just minutes from downtown Winnipeg. At YouDrugmart, we pride ourselves on our commitment to serving the customers’ needs.

Your pharmacy is as much a part of your healthcare team as your doctor or therapist. When considering a pharmacy, be sure to choose a team that can meet all of your needs. At YouDrugmart, we don’t just fill prescriptions, we offer everything you’ll need to be healthy and live an optimal life. From over-the-counter products to supplements and vitamins, we have a great selection, and can advise you on any possible interactions with medications you might be taking. Our highly trained, professional staff is always available to help you.

We don’t want you to be nonchalant concerning your health or to neglect your prescriptions as we know health is wealth and one single delay of your medication can have a big effect. Due to this, we issue you with refill reminders so you don’t forget. You can even get a compliance card in which your weekly medications are neatly organized in terms of the pills you need to take and the time to take them. This will drastically reduce the probability of overdose or a neglected dose, which is very useful especially for elders in Winnipeg who are managing several health issues.

In addition to traditional prescription fulfillment, we’re proud to be Manitoba’s compounding pharmacy. We can work with your medical team to accurately mix custom therapeutics for you. Special orders and unique applications are no problem for our team of pharmacists.

YouDrugmart should also be your first choice for diabetic medical supplies. From insulin to test strips, we carry all the major brands for your diabetic needs. Our team is happy to help educate you on the use of your glucose meters and insulin injectors and can advise you on all your options.

We want to be your partner in better health, so stop by and ask one of our pharmacists to provide you with a medication review. We know that many of our customers see multiple physicians, and that can lead to medications being prescribed without full knowledge of your current prescriptions. A medication review can often find counter-indicated prescriptions, over-prescribed medications or possible alternatives that can be safer or more effective. We understand that our pharmacy is probably your central clearinghouse for medical care and are here to help.

Can’t make it to the pharmacy? That’s not a problem, we offer free, local delivery to the Winnipeg area and can provide prescription transfer from other pharmacies. We handle all your insurance billing and offer online ordering.

A popular service we now offer is compliance packaging. You might know this as blister packs or pill pods. With compliance packaging, we can organize your daily medications into individual packs for simple, easy dosing. Packs are broken into times you’re suppose to take the medications—morning, daytime, evening and bedtime. With all the meds organized, all you need to do is grab the clearly marked pack.

It’s easy to see why YouDrugmart is Manitoba’s most complete pharmacy. We invite you to stop by and experience our professionalism for yourself. Our clean, thoughtfully organized shop is designed to be comfortable. We strive to keep your wait time minimal when filling your prescriptions.

Of course, we’re happy to discuss your personal health needs and look forward to meeting you.