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Clinical Pharmacy is a health science discipline in which pharmacists provide patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention. The practice of clinical pharmacy embraces the philosophy of pharmaceutical care, it blends a caring orientation with specialized therapeutic knowledge, experience, and judgment for the purpose of ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

The pharmacist’s role has expanded in recent years, and Canadian community pharmacists are increasingly involved in providing a wide range of other services, many of which are government funded. These include smoking cessation, weight management, “Meds Checks” (similar to medicines use reviews), anticoagulant clinics, and palliative care services. You Drugmart is one of those pharmacies providing vast services and helping the patients in their community. The situation regarding pharmacist prescribing varies widely between Canadian provinces. In some provinces they have their own drug formulary. Work is currently being undertaken to produce a federal formulary to cover the entire country.

Due to the scarcity of community pharmacies in some parts of rural Canada, there has, in recent years, been a great deal of interest in the introduction of automated dispensing robots remotely controlled by a pharmacist who may, in some cases, be several hundred miles away. The patient inserts the prescription into a scanner in the machine. The pharmacist provides a clinical and professional check of the prescription, then counsels the patient by telephone, before remotely labelling and finally releasing the product.

The machine can periodically be refilled with medicine supplies by a pharmacy technician without the need for a pharmacist to be present. Pharmacy in Canada has undergone something of a change in recent years, having moved from providing largely a supply function to making extensive use of pharmacists’ abilities in improving patient care. Pharmacists may therefore be involved in activities such as reviewing drug charts, medicines reconciliation, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug use evaluation, adverse drug reaction reporting, medication counselling increasingly, prescribing, again depending on the provincial laws.


  • Communication with healthcare professionals and patients regarding drug therapy, wellness and health promotion.
  • Designing or modifying drug therapy, implementing, monitoring for rational drug therapy.
  • Counseling patients, disease conditions, purpose, uses, effects of medication, monitoring use of OTC, herbal or alternative medicine, use of administering devices.
  • Using the clinical data for optimization of therapy.
  • Documentations of interventions and evaluate the outcomes.
  • Training and education programs for all healthcare practitioners and general public.

Each Canadian province has its own faculty of pharmacy and graduates, on registering, are only licensed to practice in that province. Therefore, the extent to which prescribing is taught in the undergraduate pharmacy course in each faculty depends on the extent to which its graduates will be expected to prescribe on qualification. Because provincial governments fund many of the services provided by community pharmacies, an increasing number of pharmacists are now employed in primary care, commissioning and monitoring the delivery of these services, others may work in health centers as part of the integrated healthcare team.

You Drugmart is well known because of the exceptional services they are providing for the people of the community in Winnipeg. They provide free delivery system across the city. It is a friendly neighborhood pharmacy which meets all the health related issues providing the customers with the highest level of satisfaction.

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